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One can see Learn How to Source as a text book where procurement professionals have converted their procurement expertise to a chapter. But instead of written chapters, as in a book, each chapter is a procurement course online. Register and learn more in our introduction course (free).

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Converted to online courses

  • Buyer role

    You will find a wide range of courses all tailored towards the buyer role and the competences needed to run a Procurement organization.

  • Next step

    Each course adress a portion of the procurement area and are organized as chapters in a book. Find your starting point and use the Next step recommendation to move forward. Or purchase a package of courses bundled to meet a procurement role.

  • Experience levels

    Courses are organized in buyer roles and experience levels: Introduction, Basic, Advanced and Expert.

  • Find your course

    Find your course by selecting all courses in the menu above. Or select a role. Scroll through the courses or use the search function. At each course there is a suggested "Next step" guiding you to recommended next course.

  • Learning objectives

    Each course have a free pre-view of the learning objectives. Find out if the course deliver what you need before purchase.

  • High on value

    Courses are high in value but low in cost. Our courses are straightforward and provide real life experience.

  • Download course presentation

    Material presented (Powerpoint or Excel) are available for download at the end of each lecture.

  • Instructor

    The instructor at each course is a procurement expert with many years of field experience.

  • Quiz and Certificate

    Each course have a course quiz and, assuming you complete the course, a certificate will be issued for you to download as a PDF.

  • Dashboard

    Immediately access to the course and you have 60 days to complete the course. All courses available to you, are listed in your Dashboard.

  • Pay with credit card or Paypal

    Card transactions are managed by Stripe and, as an alternative, you can also use your PayPal account.

  • Testimonials

    Find out other students' opinion about the course. Grade the course to provide input to future students.

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If you are interested in the Procurement function, have no experience and want to know more.

We recommend starting from the beginning and get to know Learn How To Source.

  • Free

    Introducing Learn how to source

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Self assessment

Try our self assessment versus the Operative buyer role

If you work as an Operational buyer and want to learn more about sourcing from the market.

We recommend an Introduction course to Tactical Procurement as Next step

  • €20,00

    Introduction Tactical Procurement

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If you have basic knowledge about Operational procurement and currently have a position as Tactical buyer

We recommend International Sales law as Next step:

  • €40,00

    International Sales Law - by Jon Kihlman

    The role of law in business transactions, choice of law, procedural matters and contractual frequency including the role of law in business transactions, contract law and public procurement.
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If you want to know more about Procurement Management

We recommend an Introduction course as Next step

  • €20,00

    Introduction to Procurement Management

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Procurement Certifikat - basic level

Approx 12h in online courses will take you there. Start with Introduction course, Operative buyer, Tactical buyer, Procurement Management and finally Certification course.

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4 star rating

CM understanding

Urban Örnstedt

Good introduction to the possibilities of CM and nice proposals for a start up. Even important informtion of conditions needed in a company, before starting ...

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Good introduction to the possibilities of CM and nice proposals for a start up. Even important informtion of conditions needed in a company, before starting up the process of CM.

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