When having a quality issue....

.... take action and lead the recovery.

From the perspective of a manufacturing business, Dave Barr will provide you with the knowledge, experience and way forward to recover a supplier quality issue.

Dave presents a process that will help you to prepare and communicate effectively with your OEM manufacturers, sub-contractors and suppliers that he finds ensures mutual understanding, delivers quality conversations, accelerates corrective action, produces accountability, timely actions, and positive results.

Dave has over 25 years purchasing, procurement and supply chain experience and has worked in global manufacturing, service and retail environments.

The learning targets of the course are:

  • Understand the necessary preparation you need to take before communicating.
  • The benefits of structured, methodical and consistent high value information.
  • How to help suppliers investigate and resolve problems quickly and effectively.
  • The importance of collaboration and stakeholder involvement.
  • How to minimise the likelihood of repeated failures.
  • How to make your suppliers more accountable.

Course curriculum (35 min)

    1. Download course material

    2. Course Schedule

    3. Before communication

    4. High value information

    1. Formalizing data

    2. Stakeholder involvement.

    3. Receiving quality feedback from supplier

    1. Minimise the likelihood of repeated failures

    2. Metrics reporting and alignment

    3. Follow up

    1. Dave's Quiz: Answer these 2 questions to verify your knowledge.

    1. Summary of the course - what we have learned.

About this course

  • €40,00
  • 14 lessons
  • Advanced level course
  • Tactical buyer role

Instructor Dave Barr

Real Life Buyer Dave Barr

My name is Dave Barr, The Real Life Buyer, and I have been a Purchasing Professional for over 20 years. I started my career as a Technical Apprentice as a 16 year old riding my 50cc trials bike 20 miles to work and back every day, in all weathers. I graduated at 20 and moved into the world of Quality Engineering for the manufacture and testing of industrial diesel engines. I loved the world of Quality Management and studied this subject whilst stepping up and managing a team of inspectors ensuring parts supplied from around the world were to specification. Within a year, the old BS5750 quality management system came to pass, which led me into systems and processes and I worked with a colleague to gain our business this accreditation. Soon after, a new opportunity yearned and my growing love for windsurfing drew me to a new position by the sea implementing BS5750 for a new company, leading me into becoming a Quality Manager. Within a few years, my influence and support for the Purchasing Manager grew and I regularly attended supplier meetings and developments. This then led me to becoming the Purchasing Manager a year or so later when the opportunity presented itself and so I studied hard with the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply and gained my qualification and membership. I must have been doing something right, as within a few years I was approached by the Group Purchasing Director and was offered the new position of Commodity Manager buying Castings and Forgings worldwide. This exposed me to global manufacturing first hand and I embarked on significant international travels. A few years later, a significant global manufacturer in the world of war gaming offered me the Procurement Management position. This presented me not only further in-house manufacturing exposure, but new opportunities to globalise the supply chain for incoming products and also global manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and retail. After a wonderful 5 years, new opportunities arose again with a large business delivering significant investment and growth in UK infrastructure. Once again, I was plunged into the procurement of different products, services and now also facilities management. After the birth of my son, my family yearned for us to return to the coast. I returned to a former global manufacturer and employer, having now amassed further experience. Ten more happy years have passed and my thirst for procurement and facilities continues to drive me.

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    Ensuring Effective Supplier Meetings

    Planning a supplier visit? Understand the necessary homework you should undertake prior to leaving the office. Learn the benefits of a structured and repeatable process when visiting suppliers.
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