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Welcome to "Kraljic and Portfolio analyses" by Paul Rogers, the ultimate online course for procurement specialists who want to maximize their sourcing strategies and drive success for their organizations.

Kraljic's Matrix is a powerful tool that helps procurement professionals analyze and categorize their product (suppliers) based on their level of importance and complexity. With this framework, you can identify the best sourcing strategies for each product (supplier) and create a portfolio that maximizes value for your organization.

In this course, you'll learn from Paul Rogers, a free-thinking procurement specialist with years of experience in the industry. Paul will guide you through the Kraljic Matrix and portfolio analyses, teaching you how to:

Identify your key suppliers and categorize them based on their level of importance and complexity

Develop effective sourcing strategies for each category, including risk management and cost optimization techniques

Create a portfolio that balances your organization's needs and priorities, maximizing value while minimizing risk

Implement your sourcing strategy and monitor performance to ensure ongoing success

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, "Kraljic and Portfolio analyses" by Paul Rogers is the must-have course for anyone looking to succeed in procurement.

Enroll now and start mastering the Kraljic Matrix and portfolio analyses today!

Course content (13 minutes)

    1. Repetition: Balance of power and the four quadrants

    2. Introducing the relevant tactics when addressing Non critical and Bottleneck quadrants.

    1. Introducing the relevant tactics when addressing Strategic and Leverage quadrants.

    1. Questions to help you verify the Learning Objectives.

    1. Summery of the course

    2. Links and do not forget to download the Certificate at the end.

    3. Reflection after the course

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Senior Instructor. Paul Rogers

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