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Are you looking to start building your purchasing career and develop the skills you need to succeed in today's competitive business environment? If so, the EFFSO course "The Purchasing Role" is the perfect choice.

This basic course is designed to give you a solid understanding of the role of purchasing in today's business world. The "Purchasing Role" course is offered by EFFSO, a leading provider of procurement training and education. With a team of experienced instructors and a proven track record of success, EFFSO is the perfect partner for anyone looking to advance their purchasing career.

So why wait? Sign up for the "Purchasing Role" course today and take the first step towards a successful and rewarding career in purchasing.


    1. Introducing how the focus within a purchasing function have changed and why purchasing has been increasingly important.

    1. Introducing the different roles within purchasing management.

    1. EFFSO Quiz 3: The Purchasing role - have you got it?

    1. Key takeaways from the course.

    2. Reflections after the course

About this course

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  • 6 lessons
  • Basic course


Leading Nordic procurement consultant.

We offer our clients solutions in recruitment, interim consultants, purchasing training, management consulting, purchasing as a service as well as a range of digital purchasing tools. Our proprietary spend analysis tool has been called one of the most user-friendly in the world. Since we want to share our knowledge, we have published much of our toolbox online for anyone to use. EFFSO has a revenue of around SEK 140 million with over 100 employees based in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

Our mission and vision

As experts in purchasing, at EFFSO we are passionate about developing purchasing functions and the individuals within them. We combine this expertise with a pragmatic approach and a desire to share our knowledge to create lasting value for our clients. Our broad selection of procurement services allows us to offer our clients innovative solutions, long-term relationships and a reliable partner. We attract and help to shape the greatest talents in the purchasing field and offer our employees great development opportunities and a secure workplace.

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    The Purchase Order

    The most basic knowledge for a buyer is to know the content of a Purchase Order (PO). The course will give you an introduction the content and purpose of a PO.
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