Sourcing KPI


Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, are critical to the success of any business or organization. Sourcing KPIs are measurable values that track the progress and success of the CPO's objectives, Sourcing KPIs is essential for several reasons. It helps businesses align their goals and objectives with measurable outcomes. By selecting and tracking the right sourcing KPIs, businesses can measure progress towards their purchasing objectives and identify areas for improvement. This allows them to make informed decisions and take actions that are more likely to lead to success. Finally, sourcing KPIs can help businesses stay competitive in their industry. By tracking and benchmarking their performance against industry leaders, businesses can identify areas where they are lagging and take action to improve. This can help them stay ahead of the competition and achieve long-term success. In this court you will learn about EFFSO's view on Sourcing KPIs.

Sourcing KPI - introduction (14 minutes).

The course will we will define the koncept of Key Performance indicators, introduce some Sourcing KPIs and discuss how one can follow up KPIs.

    1. Introduction to KPI and KPI framework and how to define a SMART target.

    1. Defining Sourcing KPIs with the help of Dupont.

    1. How to follow up KPI and integrate KPI.

    1. EFFSO Quiz 7: Sourcing KPI - have you got it?

    1. Key takeaways from the course.

    2. Reflection after the course

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