Tactical Buyer role Certificate.

Advanced level.


  • Successfully complete all courses included in the program.
  • Upload (in pdf format) a 500 word (approx.) text describing your key learning from the program. 

(Please note: Courses included in the program are purchased separately or as part of the Tactical Buyer - advanced level certificate program)


    1. Certificate Tactical buyer role - advanced level. Examination Course.

About this course

  • €250,00
  • 1 lesson
  • Advanced level

Courses included in the program.

Courses are purchase separately or as part Tactical buyer - advanced level certificate program.

  • €240,00

    International Sales Law for Procurement Professionals by Jon Kihlman

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  • €160,00

    Sustainable Procurement Course by Dr. Aurora Dawn Benton

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  • €40,00

    Payment terms - advanced course

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  • €40,00

    What a buyer need to know about REACH by Hans Nilsson

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