Unlock the Power of Procurement E-Auctions

An Expert-Curated Course

In crafting our comprehensive courses on Procurement E-Auctions, we've harnessed the collective wisdom of the procurement community, incorporating their firsthand experiences and valuable insights. The first three courses are: 1. Introduction to Procurement E-Auctions, 2. Setting Up a Procurement E-Auction and 3 Managing a Procurement E-Auction. This expertly designed course brings you an enriched learning experience to deepen your understanding and boost your proficiency in the execution of procurement e-Auctions. Enroll in this course and tap into the shared knowledge of seasoned professionals. This is more than just an educational offering—it's a powerful resource that will empower you to enhance your e-Auction execution capabilities. Harness the potential of procurement e-Auctions and join the forefront of procurement innovation today.

Our course is thoughtfully organized into three crucial modules, each aligning with key aspects that the procurement community has found most impactful.

  • Change Management

    Grasp the fundamentals of change management in procurement and understand how to navigate the human side of the transition to e-Auctions with confidence and expertise.

  • Effective Communication Strategies

    Learn the art of strategic communication with stakeholders and suppliers. This module offers a rich repository of context-specific language and messaging strategies to facilitate smooth interactions and negotiations.

  • E-Auction within E-Sourcing

    Gain a deeper understanding of procurement e-Auctions as an integral component of e-Sourcing. Understand how these tools operate synergistically to enhance procurement processes, rather than viewing e-Auctions as standalone utilities.

Content (30 min)

    1. Learning Objectives.

    2. Harnessed the collective wisdom of the Procurement Community

    1. Downloads in this course...... and feel free to copy text as you find suitable.

    2. What is Change Management

    3. 10 reasons why e-Auction cannot be applied....or

    4. When Supplier Relationships Get Tense: Navigating the e-Auction Transition

    5. Legal and compliance requirements

    6. Real life negotiation compared to Procurement Online Auction using Kraljic's Matrix

    1. Letter to hesitant stakeholder

    2. Letter from disappointed supplier....

    3. ....and the answer from buyer.

    4. If your e-Auction fail due to technical difficulties.

    5. If one supplier face technical difficulties during the e-Auction

    6. Example time schedule of sourcing event which include an e-Auction

    1. What is e-Sourcing?

    2. Embracing Digital Transformation: The Benefits and Risks of E-Sourcing in Procurement

    3. The capabilities of an e-Sourcing tool - Supplier Onboarding.

    4. The Capabilities of an e-Sourcing tool - RFX Management

    5. The capabilities of an e-Sourcing tool - Contract Management

    6. The capabilities of an e-Sourcing tool - Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

    7. The capabilities of an e-Sourcing tool - Analytics and Reporting

    8. The capabilities of an e-Sourcing tool - Integration

    9. The capabilities of an e-Sourcing tool - Security and Compliance

    10. One size fits all? - Strategy when selecting e-Sourcing tool.

    1. Queries to confirm Your fulfillment of the Learning Objectives

    1. Summary of the Course.

    2. Reflection after the course

About this course

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  • 27 lessons
  • Tactical buyer role
  • Advanced course


Senior instructor. Fredrik Axelsson

Fredrik was born in Gothenburg on the Westcoast of Sweden where he earned his Master in Economics (1996) at Gothenburg University. Later Fredrik completed his Executive MBA (2003) at Stockholm Business school. Fredrik has experience from several companies: LM Ericsson, Solectron Sweden AB, Axelson Purchasing Resources AB, Saab AB and Alstom/GE before setting up Sourcing Partner in Summer 2017. During his career he has developed a broad experience within sourcing and procurement, holding roles from Operative Buyer to Sourcing Director via roles as Commodity manager and Business Development. Both in line organization and projects as consultant, owner and employee - in small and large business - in banking as well as manufacturing industry.

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