Procurement certificate

Basic level

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Student's knowledge in following areas are certified (Procurement Certificate) by Learn How to Source:

  • General understanding about the Procurement function, the three procurement roles (Management, Tactical and Operative) and how the processes connect.
  • The purpose (value (output)) of each process.
  • The work tasks (process steps) the buyer execute when applying the processes.
  • The ability to analyse the applicability of the processes under different conditions.

Processes in scope:

Procurement Management

  • Company strategy to Procurement Strategy:
  • Key Stakeholder Management.
  • Category Management.
  • Competence Development.
  • Scorecard KPI.
  • Methods and Tools.

Tactical processes:

  • Market analyses. 
  • Sourcing process.
  • Supplier Development / Key Supplier Management.
  • Know your supplier
  • Supplier Audit
  • Product qualification. 

Operative processes:

  • Forecasting.
  • Ordering.
  • Order acknowledgement.
  • Order Management.
  • Delivery monitoring.
  • Delivery Quality.
  • Invoice management.
  • Supplier Measurement.

Required courses (purchased separately)

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    Introduction to LHTS and Procurement

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    Basics for an Operative Buyer

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    Sourcing basics - get started as Tactical buyer

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    Procurement management program

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Student's knowledge is verified via a written and a verbal test.

    1. Certificate Procurement role - basic level. Examination Course.

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