Group Procurement

What every buyer in Hexatronic need to know.

In this course you will learn what Hexatronic Group Procurement want you know when having a position which implies contacts with supplier to a Hexatronic company. 

As you might know Hexatronic have decentralized organisation giving the business ownership to the local companies. Still there are some key consideration to be made when building a supply chain that cannot be a local decision. We have a brand and core values to protect.

Furthermore Hexatronic have committed to 1,5 degree target. Our Roadmap for sustainability work has been launched. Now, we are stepping up the pace and enhancing the focus on goals and targets. We are proud to have launched a sustainability Roadmap in 2021 encompassing up to 2030. As a global Group, active in fiber expansion, we have an essential role to play in realizing 2030 Agenda and the UN Global Compact’s ten principles for sustainable enterprise.

We want to contribute to a more sustainable society by involving our employees, customers, and suppliers. The way we run our Group makes a difference.

Hexatronic creates sustainable networks all over the world. We partner with customers on four continents – from telecom operators to network owners – and offer leading, high-quality fiber technology for every conceivable application. Hexatronic Group (publ.) was founded in Sweden in 1993 and the Group is listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm.

Course content

    1. Welcome speech by Group Supply Chain Director Anna Bailey

    2. Learning Targets

    3. Contacts and document information.

    1. Two courses introducing Category Management

    2. Introduction and learning objectives EFFSO Course

    3. What is and what is not Category Management.

    4. Defining a category - segmenting your spend.

    5. Best practice in Category Management

    6. Key takeaways from the EFFSO course.

    7. How to get started (course 2): Introducing Learning Objectives.

    8. Creating an optimal offering to the organization

    9. Development of a category strategy - 4 step approach

    10. Template and checklist vs tell your story

    11. Summary: Category management convert Corporate strategy to actions in supply chain.

    12. Hexatronic Category Management organization.

    1. Hexatronic Supplier page and Group Procurement Teams site.

    2. Assignment: Apply for access to Group Procurement Team site.

    3. Key documents and their purpose

    4. General Purchasing Conditions

    5. Example from HCI: Site Logistic requirements

    6. Material requirement

    7. Supplier Code of Conduct

    8. Corporate Procurement Guidelines you need to know.

    9. Half time survey

    10. Group Procurement recommendation on RFQ content and structure

    11. Download Frame Contract template

    1. Training Evaluation Form

    2. Ending statement

    1. We want to contribute to a more sustainable society. How we run our company and do business matters.

    2. Hexatronic Group’s Modern Slavery Act Statement

    3. Sustainability Policy

    4. Diversity and Gender Equality policy

    5. Hexatronic Sustainability report

About this course

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  • Course 1
  • Relevant for all staff within Hexatronic Group involved in supplier contacts