Hexatronic Group

Hexatronic creates sustainable networks all over the world. We partner with customers on four continents – from telecom operators to network owners – and offer leading, high-quality fiber technology for every conceivable application. Hexatronic Group (publ.) was founded in Sweden in 1993 and the Group is listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm.

Course content

    1. Welcome to Hexatronic Group

    1. A message from Supply Chain Director, Anna Bailey.

    1. Doing business with Hexatronic

    2. General Purchasing Conditions (GPC)

    3. General Purchasing Conditions (GPC) - information.

    4. Example: Site Logistic requirements

    5. Site Logistic requirements

    6. Material requirement

    7. Supplier Code of Conduct

    8. Whistleblowing function

    9. Link to Whistleblowing centre

    10. Providing an offer to Hexatronic

    1. We want to contribute to a more sustainable society. How we run our company and do business matters.

    2. Sustainability Policy

    3. Hexatronic Group’s Modern Slavery Act Statement

    4. Diversity and Gender Equality policy

    5. Hexatronic Sustainability report

    6. Specific sustainability requirements.

    1. Acceptance of Hexatronic Code of Conduct

    2. Ending words

About this course

  • 20 lessons
  • Hexatronic supply chain requirement.
  • Certificate valid 12 months
  • Relevant for supplier staff in contact with Hexatronic