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There are three different roles within purchasing departments such as tactical, operational and management, which you will learn more about.  

A buyer must hold a wide range of competencies; contract law, supply chain management and category management to name a few. In the past years the role as buyer has changed and become more increasingly important for all companies..... now you may be wondering why it has become that important? 

There are answers for these types of questions at LHTS. This course is the starting point.

LHTS, which is short for Learn How To Source, is a site for those who seek procurement knowledge. LHTS provide you with the best source of accessible procurement knowledge.  Furthermore, it is a positive learning system for those who want to improve their knowledge together with other students via communities and course comments. Learn how to get the most out of LHTS.

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5 star rating

Category Leader - HR Services Europe

Juho Massinen

Compact /Short introduction to purchasing and sourcing, for those who would like to understand the different roles of Purchasing/ Sourcing,

Compact /Short introduction to purchasing and sourcing, for those who would like to understand the different roles of Purchasing/ Sourcing,

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5 star rating


Angelo Francis



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5 star rating

Automotive engineering

Gordon Odhiambo

Only one chapter in this course (5 min)

    1. Get the best value out of Learn How to Source

    2. The Procurement roles - Operative, Tactical and Managerial

    3. Why LHTS provide the best path to Procurement Knowledge.

    4. Discussion, Community and Blog - find new contacts and new ways to knowledge.

    5. Procurement experience survey - 2 questions

    6. Course completion certificate

About this course

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  • 6 lessons
  • Introduction course


Senior instructor. Fredrik Axelsson

Fredrik was born in Gothenburg on the Westcoast of Sweden where he earned his Master in Economics (1996) at Gothenburg University. Later Fredrik completed his Executive MBA (2003) at Stockholm Business school. Fredrik has experience from several companies: LM Ericsson, Solectron Sweden AB, Axelson Purchasing Resources AB, Saab AB and Alstom/GE before setting up Sourcing Partner in Summer 2017. During his career he has developed a broad experience within sourcing and procurement, holding roles from Operative Buyer to Sourcing Director via roles as Commodity manager and Business Development. Both in line organization and projects as consultant, owner and employee - in small and large business - in banking as well as manufacturing industry.

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