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What is the most effective way to continuously build your procurement skills?

It is by constantly updating yourself and gaining new knowledge on the subject of procurement. In this free course you will learn how to integrate learning into your daily activities, on your own or together with your friends and colleagues. The method will help you gain a better understanding of learning procurement at LHTS and an effective way to improve your skills. 

Have you ever heard of or participated in a book circle?  You read a book and meet with others (who also read the book) and discuss the content of the chosen book. The discussion provides an enhanced learning experience when you can share your thoughts and listen to others. 

But what if you replaced the book with an online procurement course?  You discuss the subject of the course and share your thoughts as well as your own experience. We call it Micro Learning.

This free course introduce how you can apply the Micro Learning method on the procurement area while using the content from LHTS.

After the course you will hopefully have gained new knowledge and an understanding how to develop procurement skills in an efficient way. 

LHTS short online courses are perfect for those who do not have the time to participate in courses  outside office or in lengthy online courses  It is convenient to watch a course whenever you can. In addition, you can always go back to the same course again, whenever you have free time.

Access the course for free and Learn about the Micro Learning method . Find your way to procurement excellence.

Course curriculum

    1. How to continuously develop your procurement skills using the Microlearning method

    1. Survey - 1 question only.

    1. Tips

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