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Now that you have a baseline of information on sustainability in supply chains, we explore specific environmental elements a bit closer. In these four lessons, we look at some of the more problematic issues such as plastic and greenhouse gas emissions. These lessons contain lists of resources you can further review as you identify the priority issues you will address in your organization’s purchasing. 

•    Lesson 7: Materials Management and Circular Economy 

•    Lesson 8: Plastics and Packaging

•    Lesson 9: Paper and Single-Use Items

•    Lesson 10: Carbon Emissions in Supply Chains 

Course content (40 minutes)

    1. Lesson 7 Outcome and Description

    2. Lesson 7 Checklist

    3. Lesson 7 Video: Materials Management and Circular Economy

    4. Lesson 7 Discussion: Reflections on Recycling

    5. Lesson 7 Exercise: Circularity Deep Dive

    6. Lesson 7 Summary and Handout

    1. Lesson 8 Outcome and Description

    2. Lesson 8 Checklist

    3. Lesson 8 Video: Plastics and Packaging

    4. Lesson 8 Discussion: Hold the plastic, please.

    5. Lesson 8 Exercise: Unpack Packaging

    6. Lesson 8 Summary and Handout

    1. Lesson 9 Outcome and Description

    2. Lesson 9 Checklist

    3. Lesson 9 Video: Paper and Single-Use Items

    4. Lesson 9 Exercise: Be a TreeHugger

    5. Lesson 9 Summary and Handout

    1. Lesson 10 Outcome and Description

    2. Lesson 10 Checklist

    3. Lesson 10 Video: Carbon Emissions in Supply Chains

    4. Lesson 10 Exercise: What’s the Footprint?

    5. Lesson 10 Discussion: Share the Footprint

    6. Lesson 10 Summary and Handout

    1. Part 2 Handouts (combined)

    2. What's next?

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Instructor Aurora Dawn Benton

Dr. Aurora Dawn Benton is Founder and Chief Change Agent of Astrapto LLC, which exists to advance positive impact in the workplace. Her passion is to make sustainability practical and approachable for people whose main job is not sustainability, but who have a passion or mandate to improve social and environmental performance in their operations and supply chains. Aurora loves helping people realize their potential while discovering a greater purpose for good in business. She has helped over 120 young professionals launch green teams and perform sustainable procurement audits. She has coached numerous professionals on how to research and improve sustainability in their corporate purchasing. Her clients include World Wildlife Fund (Hotel-Kitchen), Sodexo Live (Centerplate), Baltimore Convention Center, Green Seal (hotel eco-certification), the Events Industry Council, and various hotels and restaurant groups. She has been a thought leader and volunteer in hospitality industry organizations, including a task force for Sustainable Events Standards and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. Aurora has a Doctorate in Business Administration in Social Impact Management.

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