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Welcome to our course on "The Object of the Contract" taught by Jon Kihlman!

Contracts are the foundation of business relationships, and the object of the contract is a critical element that determines its validity and enforceability

Introducing the object of the contract, why there is a need for breach, passing of risk, and the function of guarantees, warranties and limitation periods.

  • The object – the most important part of any contract.
  • The binding force of contracts and the need for breaches of contracts.
  • The passing of risk – a fundamental part of contracts to provide results.
  • Guarantees and warranties – creators of obligations, importance for the burden of proof and for limitation periods.

This course is perfect for tactical buyer role but also  business owners, entrepreneurs, legal professionals, and anyone who are involved in trading of goods.

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Course content

(33 minutes)

    1. The need to make a breach of contract possible, results and best efforts, goods and services, functions and technical specifications

    1. Lack of conformity and the passing of risk

    1. Non-conformity (lack of conformity)

    1. Expressed / Implied warranties, Guarantees & burden of proof and Limitation period according to CISG

    1. Course Quiz

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Advokat, LL.D Jon Kihlman

Jon Kihlman has been a member of the Swedish Bar Association since 2005. His dissertation Fel (Non-conformity, primarily in goods), was published in 1999. He has an independent legal practice in Tändstickspalatset on Västra Trädgårdsgatan 15 in Stockholm. Jon Kihlman works with Swedish and international commercial contract law. Within that field, his practice includes drafting, reviews, legal opinions, consultations, educations, writing of books and articles as well as litigation and arbitration (as counsel or arbitrator). The purpose of public procurement is to conclude contracts. Therefore, Jon Kihlman’s practice includes public procurement. Although primarily focused on drafting of what will eventually become such contracts, his work also simplifies the procurement process as such. He represents both purchasing authorities and suppliers in court when a procurement process is challenged.

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