Learn how to create a Purchase order

Basic course - part if the operative buyer role

You may be wondering what a purchase order (PO) is, how does it look and how it works?  This type of questions will be In this courses.

A PO is a contract created by the buyer and sent to a seller The contract create and define mutual rights and obligations (conditions) among the parties. POs are beneficial for both the buyer and seller because the commitment from both sides are described. The seller commit to deliver and the buyer usually commit to pay.

By issuing purchase orders, businesses can specify what goods and services are requested from the chosen suppliers and when it is needed. A PO is the most important document at a Procurement function.

There is a difference between tactical and operative purchasing. Tactical negotiate the specific conditions under which the buying company shall purchase, while the operative place the purchase order. 

A PO includes, for example, a unique ID-number, delivery date, requested products/services, the quantity of each product and the price of each product. By using Incoterms 2020 the delivery terms is described in-between the buyer and the seller

The course provide insights about the content of a strong Purchase order and, by following the course recommendations, the buyers and the sellers can avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, 

This PO course will improve your operative and tactical buyer skills. It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete the course online. 

The Purchase Order (PO)

(15 minutes)

    1. Introducing Learning Objectives.

    1. Download the Slides shown in the course

    2. The operative role need input from tactical role to create a PO

    1. The Purpose and Content of a Professional Purchase order

    1. Questions to help you verify the Learning Objectives.

    1. Summery of the PO Content

    2. Reflections after the course

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Senior instructor. Fredrik Axelsson

Fredrik was born in Gothenburg on the Westcoast of Sweden where he earned his Master in Economics (1996) at Gothenburg University. Later Fredrik completed his Executive MBA (2003) at Stockholm Business school. Fredrik has experience from several companies: LM Ericsson, Solectron Sweden AB, Axelson Purchasing Resources AB, Saab AB and Alstom/GE before setting up Sourcing Partner in Summer 2017. During his career he has developed a broad experience within sourcing and procurement, holding roles from Operative Buyer to Sourcing Director via roles as Commodity manager and Business Development. Both in line organization and projects as consultant, owner and employee - in small and large business - in banking as well as manufacturing industry.

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