Be 1 of 100 future buyers.

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We know procurement is an interesting career. But before investing time and money and getting a Certificate of knowledge in the area of Procurement you might want to learn more. That is why Learn How to Source provide 100 future buyers with the opportunity to  learn the basics in Procurement for free. (The bundle Introduction to LHTS and Procurement). 

The bundle is recommended to anyone with interest in the Buyer role, a role more important than ever before. A Buyer select and develop suppliers that are sustainable. Procurement departments have three key buyer roles; Operative, Tactical and Managerial. You will learn key processes connected to these roles. In short, the language of a Buyer!

Following courses are included:

  1. Introducing Learn How to Source.
  2. Continuously develop your procurement skills
  3. Operativt Procurement Processes
  4. Introduction Tactical Procurement
  5. Introduction to Procurement management

Enter "buyer100" in the coupon field at checkout!! (Offer only valid for 100 students).

The bundle is part of a Procurement Certificate should you want to continue by expanding and certifying your knowledge.

Learn more about the Learn How to Source certificate.